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Steve Wright Cert Arb RFS (1954-2017) 

– Selling his vast range of welly boot racks and other assorted coppice products at the Weald & Downland museum’s Autumn Countryside show in October 2017.

Steve died suddenly just before Christmas. I knew him as a member of the Association of Polelathe Turners & Greenwood Workers and latterly the show and event organiser for the Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group.  Steve worked tirelessly to promote awareness of the countryside, the environment,  woodlands and coppice crafts.


I worked alongside Steve at the Weald & Downland museums Autumn Countryside show in October. Where his specially converted 130inch extra longwheel base landrover, his pride and joy, part vehicle, part forestry workshop and part armoury,  was a integral part of our woodland crafts display.


Steve works to keep up with demand for his products

For some reason I mainly have photos of Steve’s Landrovers and his backside! Those that knew him and those that worked with him at shows, events and in the coutryside will remember that both Landrovers and backsides were an endless source of banter. Steve didn’t suffer fools gladly, but his keen banter was always there as much to encourage us as to deride out shortcomings!  Never short of a suitable adjective,much of it derived from his military days and about as incredibly un-PC as you could imagine.

Steve was most passionate about countryside management, woodland management and crafts. We shared many evening fires debating the complex web of environmental issues, often over a meal including some protein that Steve had procured. Like his other interests: Landrovers, tools, arboriculture, Steve was a master of firearms and a talented deer stalker. Never failing to provide something for the pot, even if he had to stalk a local shop for it 🙂  Like everything else, if you were interested and took it seriously Steve would share his vast knowledge of firearms with you, even if it was only to help maintain our ancient air-rifle.


Most appropriately Steve’s last journey was in a spotless, gleaming silver 127inch Landrover. As he emerged on a cold, wind-swept, dully and rainy January morning we could just hear him saying ‘What are you lot bleeding standing around outside for then? Bugger That! ‘

Inside was standing room only whilst outside the cark park was jam packed with a motley crew of assorted pickups and 4×4’s rarely seen outside the woods. That so many should come out of the woods on a dank January day to remember  Steve says it all really.


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